Omaxe Beacon Street | New Chandigarh


Beacon Street, an elegant and modern way of shopping has been re - imagined at this open plaza area . With lush vegetation and flowing water softening the surroundings, people will love being at this turn - of - the - century development.

You will find a kaleidoscope of colour , taste, smell, and pleasures for everyone . And the sheer magnitude of choices available make the offering even more irresistible and awe - inspiring at the same time . More importantly, it’s an unforgettable experience . And it’s all right here in New Chandigarh . Come see what’s in store.

It’s a place where you can eat, drink, shop, hire a room or buy one, watch a movie, party, take a ride or enjoy a performance . To top it all, the project is marked by beacons which attract attention from miles away.

Location Map

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Master Plan

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Size : 210 Sq. Ft.-592 Sq. Ft.
Height : 16 Ft.-9 Inch

Size : 499 Sq. Ft.-2,384 Sq. Ft.
Height : 16 Ft.-9 Inch

Size : 370 Sq. Ft.-1,500 Sq. Ft.
Height : 16 Ft.-9 Inch

Size : 119 Sq. Ft.-2,020 Sq. Ft.
Height : 16 Ft.-9 Inch

Size : 353 Sq. Ft.-1,565 Sq. Ft.
Height : 16 Ft.-9 Inch

Size : 553 Sq. Ft.-1,265 Sq. Ft.
Height : 13 Ft. 9 Inch

Size : 940 Sq. Ft. -4201 Sq. Ft.
Height : 21 Ft.

Size :3695Sq. Ft.- 4527Sq. Ft.
Height : 10 Ft. 10 Inch

Size : 69145 Sq. Ft.
Height : 16 Ft. 9 Inch


Court Culinarian


UNI-Suites (Studio Apartments)
6th floor plan

UNI-Suites (Studio Apartments)
7th to 11th typical floor plan

UNI-Suites (Studio Apartments)
12th to 14th typical floor plan

UNI-Suites (studio apartments)
15th floor plan

Hotel Lobby
17th Floor plan

Service Apartment
19th to 21st typical floor plan

Service Apartment
22nd to 27th Typical Floor Plan

Service Apartment
28th Floor Plan

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